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About Us

PANASYSTEM company, founded in 2002, is currently one of the leading distributors in the market of presentation and ProVideo equipment with a staff of highly qualified specialists who provide consulting, service and marketing support to customers.

We have been successfully implementing turnkey system projects for a long time. Each of our projects is unique in its own way, because it is carried out on the basis of an individual approach to the tasks, capabilities and preferences of each specific customer.

Our task in each project is to find the most reasonable price-quality ratio, taking into account a variety of professional criteria and risks, which we perfectly understand, thanks to our many years of experience.

Work with those you can trust!
We are confident that the experience accumulated by our employees, the reputation of our brand and extensive business contacts in the professional community will allow us to become your first choice supplier – flexible, reliable, efficient. A comfortable business atmosphere and the priority of customer requirements when performing any task (system project, box delivery or repair) are above all for us. And the exact fulfillment of our obligations is a time-tested fact.

The products and services supplied by us are characterized by optimal technical characteristics, attractive prices, and high quality